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You get the impression that former Dream Theater front man Charlie Dominici used the past 16 years since he left the America’s elite prog-metal act, with whom he recorded their debut release When Dream And Day Unite in 1989, exclusively to save his strength for a truly monumental work. Now he is about to release the third and final part of his 03 trilogy, proving emphatically that he still hasn’t run out of important things to say, in terms of both his music and his lyrics. Dominici refers to his music as “Melodic Progressive Metal ”, forging an arch with his compositions from ultra-tough riff monsters through atmospheric soundscapes to quiet, almost intimate moments. 

This makes part 3 of his trilogy the culmination and pinnacle of a series of musical offerings which began in 2005 with the arrival of the purely acoustic Part 1 and was continued impressively in 2006 with the electric (and electrifying) Part 2. “This is not a continuation of part 2,” Dominici points out unequivocally. “It is the final part of three. Musically, it is obviously different from part 1, because part 1 was all acoustic and only performed by myself. Parts 2 and 3 are similar to each other musically in that they are both prog metal with a full band. Lyrically, part 3 is totally different from the other two parts because the story is finally concluded and much of the mysteries presented throughout the first two parts are finally made clear. Part 3 is the grand finale, both lyrically and musically.”

A truly furious finale, in which Dominici was supported by his technically outstanding band, which continues to consist of Brian Maillard (guitar), Yan Maillard (drums), Americo Rigoldi (keyboards) and Riccardo Atzeni (bass). An almost one-hour extravaganza of long instrumental parts, virtuoso solo passages and haunting vocals which repeatedly send shivers down the listener’s spine. Dominici reacts emphatically to the question whether the 03 Trilogy in general and the finale in particular have a specific moral, a message for their audience: “There is nothing but morals, lessons and messages. That’s the whole point of the story. You can call it ‘The DOMINICI Code’ if you like.”

Following the impressive chapters of the two predecessor albums, Dominici decided to try a new approach for the final part of his socially critical story. “Part 3 was done differently than both other parts. I decided I wanted to try something new and it worked as well as I had hoped it would. I waited to write a single word until I began writing the music with the band. The lyrics for Part 3 were not written, they were ‘grown’ like a garden. I separated eight blank word files and wrote the synopsis for each song at the top. I then went to each file as we were completing the music and completed the lyrics. I did it this way so the story had the best chance of being fully completed in the limited amount of time a CD can provide.”

This approach has produced some impressive results. Dominici has surpassed himself again, coming up with an awesome recording. This is certainly not what you’d call superficial background music! However, Dominici’s prognosis of his future recordings makes clear just how much energy and concentration this extremely demanding project has cost him. His answer to the question whether he is planning to tackle a similar project in the near future leaves little doubt: “Never again! I will never do another concept album as long as I live. This was the most difficult music and concept to complete although it was very rewarding and satisfying as an artist. Maybe I’m just a wimp, but I kind of feel the same way I feel about the recent loss of my beloved cat, ‘Tigger’. I loved the experience of knowing her, but I don’t think I would want to subject myself to this kind of pain again. No more cats, no more concept albums!”

Bio by: Matthias Mineur for "Inside Out Music, 2008


eRiK was born  in 1980 and began his musical career at age 15 playing guitarist. Slash, Marty Freedman & Satriani all unknowingly became his teachers through their CDs. In 2005 he was the guitarist  in  a band called TBM, formed by Sergio Piccaluga (Keyboards), Walter Atzeni (Drums), Moreno Tolu (Bass) Marco Pinna (Guitars) Angelo Mirigliani (Vocals),
with whom he composed and recorded  some demo tapes. This group disbanded  after 2 years and eRiK received an offer to join KER, formed By Marco Orrù (Drums), Marco Medda (Guitars), Danilo Toro (Bass), Giovanni Fanzecco (Vocals).

With the new band he recorded some new progressive tracks called "Epoca Sbagliata" and "Il gioco"at the Switch Studio, where he met  Brian and Yan Maillard,  who at the  time were members of the band M.A.P.O. The band KER very quickly folded, and Marino Maillard (guitarist and band leader of M.A.P.O.) asked eRiK to join his band to complete the line up. Unfortunately they needed a bass player and eRiK was a guitar player up to this point.

Not willing to turn down the invitation, eRiK immediately began learning the bass guitar and joined the band. He studied bass techniques and all that he needed to play on all of the M.A.P.O. track list, and the tour started. In 2001 they composed and recorded the album called "If Only". It was then that he clicked the "START" button for the first time on a PC and began experimenting with midi sequencers, synths and HD Recording software.

eRiK started sequencing many keyboard parts from instrumental songs like The Dance of Eternity, Paradigm Shift, Universal Mind, and more from many other artists like Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment, Steve Vai and Lobotomis.

Finally eRik, Brian & Yan decided to form an instrumental trio to play live. This trio was called Solid Session III and they embarked on a long tour in their country. At the same time, M.A.P.O. quit their tour and the trio left the band to compose some new material. This new material was more Heavy Metal and now Solid Session III needed only a small change by adding a vocalist and a keyboardist. Enter Samuele Pintus & Americo Rigoldi. The new line up was now perfect, and they started to record the new album. In 2004 the band changed its name to SolidVision releasing "Eleven", their first release.

eRiK then joined the Ibanez Artist Roster Endorsing a Btb Prestige Series Bass. At the same time he made the official website. In 2006 a new SolidVision prog metal CD called "The Hurricane" was made. eRiK then landed an endorsement deal with eSound (Hartke XLight Strings) and became a DOMINICI band member.
eRiK is also acting webmaster for, and as well as designing the original website for DOMINICI (old site here).


Yan Maillard was born in Délémont (JU-Svizzera) on 02/05/73. After studying at the MC MUSIC DRUM SCHOOL of Délémont, he joined the group MAPO along with his brother Brian, a guitarist and began his career as a professional drummer. The Maillard brothers worked together composing and recording the album “IF ONLY”. Later the band signed a contract with N.Tomasiello's agency, NUMERO UNO SPETTACOLI, who organized an exacting summer tour for them for the next five years, giving them the possibility to work with NEW TROLLS, CORONA, IVAN CATTANEO, PAPA WINNIE, and FIORDALISO. In 2003 Yan and Brian formed the rock progressive band SOLID VISION. Their first album ELEVEN (EVANTHIA RECORDS INTERNATIONAL CENTURY MEDIA) was written entirely by these two Swiss brothers and will be coming out soon on the international music market. The band donated a part of the proceeds to POLIOPLUS - for the prevention and the cure of the polio supported by ROTARY CLUB INTERNATIONAL. SOLID VISION's official website (, which launched in November 2006,  has already been visited by more than 400,000 people. The website gives detailed information on every musician of the band as well as the instruments used by the band, and features downloadable images, audio and video files. YAN MAILLARD also works in the recording studio at SWITCH STUDIO MAPO. He has recorded several LPs and has taken part in some important musical events including BEACH BOOM FESTIVAL (Jesolo- Venice) with the group called Dorian Grey, thanks to whom he got a review on the magazine “METAL HAMMER”. He has also contributed to several tv shows on local, national and satellite channels. Thanks to numerous public appearances, Yan Maillard has been an endorser of UFIP and a demo promoter of TAMA for Mogar Music Italy for a few years now. On October 2006 Yan become an active member of the new band, DOMINICI, by former Dream Theater singer Charlie Dominici, working once again with brother Brian (guitarist for DOMINICI).


Born in Cuzco, Perù on 05/25/1979, Americo began to study violin when he was seven years old at the Cagliari Academy of Music "Pierluigi da Palestrina". He decided to switch from violin to piano and then to Yamaha Electric Organ winning the "Italian Electronic Instrument Contest" in his class of 1993 and 1997. In 1998 he began to study keyboards  full time and in summer 2002 he met up with SOLID VISION during one of the band’s live shows. After a few months he joined the band and he played on the first CD, “ELEVEN” (2004) and later on “THE HURRICANE” (2006). In the spring of 2006  he read in an article on the internet that Charlie Dominici was looking for a band for his new “O3 A Trilogy” project. He immediately informed the band about the news. The band sent Charlie the SOLID VISION CD’s and was later contacted by Charlie to work on a demo. This project, started by former DREAM THEATER singer in 2005 with Part 1, was continued with Part 2 (InsideOutMusic 2007) and was ultimately completed with Part 3 (InsideOutMusic 2008).


BRIAN MAILLARD was born in Délémont (JU-Switzerland) on 06/08/1978. Brian studied at the Academy of Music in Délémont as well as training privately with teacher KIKI RES. Upon completion of his studies he joined the band MAPO and began his career as a professional guitarist together with his brother Yan, who is now the drummer in "DOMINICI". In 2003 the progressive rock band SOLID VISION was born, thanks to an idea of Yan and Brian's. He also works in the recording studio, having taken part in the recording of three albums in studio and two live albums by the ethnic band ISTENTALES. Brian Maillard has endorsed Ibanez for Mogar Music Italy and Morley Pedals for the past several years. On October 2006, Brian an become active member of the new band, DOMINICI.
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