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“The chemical makeup of O3 (Ozone) can be significantly altered so as to become a rapidly growing chemical reaction changing all Oxygen and Oxygen containing compounds into a deadly poisonous gas that would ultimately destroy all life and living things on the earth”

© 2006 C.Dominici

On the surface, this story may seem dark and somewhat negative because of the terror theme. These people who perpetrate this terrible act of world destruction are driven by the atrocities that have been prevalent in mans history for many years and with little hope of any improvement.

What ultimately happens however is quite positive because the “threat of annihilation” might force them all to ultimately see the error of their ways and the world might begin to come together with “a new hope”.

“I watch the news and wonder why they never seem to catch that guy” refers to the seemingly endless search for Bin Laden and references the possible corruption behind his constant magical escape.

In the late 1960's there was a popular movement, which was characterized by the creed: “If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem”.

Since those days the world seems to have forgotten the gravity of our situation and the importance of being “part of the solution” in our everyday life.

Every so often we see a little glimmer of hope as evidenced recently in the news when a man in NYC jumped from the subway platform and saved a stranger from death who had fallen on the tracks. These little incidents happen only occasionally but they bring to the surface a feeling in us all of how wonderful the brotherhood of man can be. Unfortunately the magnitude of these rare and few events is never quite enough to spark real change in society. The feeling is fleeting and temporary and we as a society are usually left to return to the status quo of daily ignorance and “greed”.

Not unlike the misbehaved child who quickly turns good when faced with imminent punishment from his parents, in the O3 story the world is stopped in it's tracks by the possibility that an “ultimate solution to the hopeless state we're in” is taking the form of a threat of total extermination to “this virus known as man”. Apparently there exists a radical religious group of men and women who believe that man is hopeless and want to see the end of the world.

They believe that this will bring about the only hope of uniting the world with God and “that only through destruction can we pass through heaven's gates”.

They have abducted and trained this young candidate and eventually give him instructions on how to bring about this final judgment day.

Ultimately the NYC detective that has been chasing him becomes a catalyst to the possible thwarting of this plan.

“The Cop” is a classic example of a common man who has to fight his own demons after being given the opportunity to achieve some ultimate good in the world.

With the end of “O3, A Trilogy-part two we see the glimmer of hope that mankind can come together and find redemption. What remains to be seen, however, in the final chapter is what will ultimately happen. Will we forget these lessons as easily as we have forgotten the pain of our childhood punishments for being bad? Will mankind try “to handle this global terror threat” in the usual confrontational military way? We will see….

Charlie Dominici

"O3, A Trilogy, Part 3"  Release date:  April,2008 -  Inside Out Music  
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