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Title: Forum VIPs
Global Announcement by: VFS on February 29, 2008, 08:00:38 AM
I'd just like to let everyone know that we have some forum VIPs among us who will be assigned special membergroups and colors, the first so far being our gracious host and the man behind DOMINICI, charliedominici, and the second being the very talented DOMINICI bassist and a skilled webmaster himself, eRiK!

and as of today, Monday March 3, 2008 we're pleased to welcome Brian Maillard, guitarist for DOMINICI as well as working behind the scenes, in the studio on various other projects (be sure to check out our member bios!)
... a great big welcome to Americo Rigoldi, keyboardist for DOMINICI and our latest VIP member!

And finally we have added Yan, drummer and behind the scenes/studio guy to our Forum VIP list- a huge welcome to the entire DOMINICI crew!  :metal

(Please don't harass the band members - be polite! They're very busy guys as you can imagine - thanks!)