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Title: Rules for "Ask Charlie" threads
Post by: VFS on February 29, 2008, 08:11:34 AM
In this subforum only topic starters, mods, and administrators (Charlie of course being one of them) will be able to reply in threads. This will allow for one-on-one dialog between Charlie and the person asking a question. We ask that you please check obvious sources of information before starting a topic here. This includes the band member bio's here, wikipedia, Google, and the search feature here.

Please do not ask Charlie questions concerning where he will tour. I'm sure if Charlie had it his way he would play everywhere from the North Pole to Timbuktu, but unfortunately it just isn't reasonably possible. We ask that questions be of a serious and important nature and that you keep general banter for other sections of the forum.  Please include the question (or the topic of the question) in the subject line of your post.

Any threads that are inappropriate, fall outside these guidelines, or that have questions already specifically answered by Charlie shall be removed.

These rules may be revised at any time so please check them over before posting.

DOMINICI.COM forum staff