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Title: A poster that was banned without my knowledge.
Post by: charliedominici on March 19, 2008, 12:03:19 AM
I would not have banned this person if it were my decision,but it was not so I'm reposting his remarks and responding to them now.

Here is what was said:

You need to learn to take some criticism, man. Sometimes criticism can be constructive and help you to improve yourself. 'Cuz contrary to your own opinion, you are not a god. You are not perfect. Sorry to burst your bubble, but you're not. You're not Mozart, you're not Beethoven. You're not The Beatles and you're not Pink Floyd. You're just some guy in some relatively unknown band that is only known at all cuz you used to be in this other moderately successful band.

You're not some idealized, misunderstood rebel up against a cruel world of non-prog listening philistines who know nothing about music and are all out to get you. If they say they don't like your music, then they don't like your music. Deal with it. If they say why they don't like your music, then you have some pointers to improve. Use them to your advantage instead of disregarding them. If someone writes a review of your latest album saying it's the best thing since sliced bread, don't just accept this as fact because they said something nice about you. Sometimes the truth hurts - but the best thing you can possibly do is face up to it.

I realise I'm pretty much certain to get banned for this thread as this place seems to be run like a fascist dictatorship, and whenever anyone says a word against you they get banned. But at least I've said my piece now.

My response:
A perfect example of someone who does not know what they are talking about. Making false accusations hiding behind a keyboard of anonymity. Anyone who actually KNOWS me will tell you that I DO NOT think that I am a god. I am a hard working musician/writer who happens to be from your favorite band's debut album. I can take criticism and I always welcome constructive criricism as it has always helped me. That is the very reason I am where I am today and why I will get to where I am going. I always take all reviews with the same attitude,good or bad,they are simply an advertisement for me and my band. After all, I know from experience that even a GOOD review can be wrong. I have read great reviews about bands and then I hated the album when I listened to it,and vice versa.
I'm sorry you got banned for this post. It is well within the rules as far as I'm concerned.

The next post you made about the "pink being gay" somehow referencing it to me being gay,I don't take offence to that either. How would you even you know if I was gay or not gay,did I get a blowjob from you once? I don't remember. If I did then it must not have been that good,sorry.

Title: Re: A poster that was banned without my knowledge.
Post by: charliedominici on March 19, 2008, 12:17:22 AM
By the way everyone reading this, whether you are a member or someone who is just thinking of becoming a member, this is not a fascist forum. We only have a few rules that are in place to insure that our preferred members have an enjoyable experience. We just don't want the riff-raff that oviously exists in some other forums.If that's you than you will eventually get banned but not before I get the chance to expose your stupidity first. I do not mean that you cannot make a VALID point that happens to be anti-DOMINICI. Nor am I saying that you cannot express your opinion that happens to be that you don't like our music or me for whatever reason.I would wonder why you are even here if that were the case,obviously to try and sabotage this forum and we would not stand for that,just like the USA doesnt allow terrorists in knowing that they are only there to try and destroy a good thing out of jealousy. Just saying things that belong in a kindergarten playground will not get you banned,just laughed at. Knock yourself out if this is all you can contribute. I don't care if you were banned from another forum.I believe people grow up eventually and you can still join here and you will not have your previous mistakes rubbed in your face.So once again I extend a warm welcome to  anyone and everyone who wants to join. Just don't get angry if you get violated for violating.
Like my  mom always said:
"You be nice and I'll be nice"
'nuff said!