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Title: O3 a Trilogy Review
Post by: Matt Gillis on March 21, 2008, 07:04:13 PM
That's right, screw those "single album" reviews! I'll do it all at once! I'll also try not to give too much away since part 3 isn’t even out yet.

I had the great fortune to sit down and listen to the entire trilogy. The second night I had the CDs I listened to the final two in a row again, and then finally, tonight, I listened to the entire trilogy again! For ease of reading, I'll break down my thoughts, and try not to make this post a book!

Part One
The music in part one was great. Charlie's guitar playing was far superior than what you think would come from "a vocalist". This was certainly indicative of Charlie being a musician, not just some vocalist. Aside from strong songwriting, I thought that the manner in which the album was written certainly gave it the most attention to the story, even more so than the other two albums. With just Charlie and his guitar, it set the stage for you to strip your mind of all thoughts but the picture he was brilliantly painting for you. Charlie’s vocal lines were quite strong, and his voice never failed him once; he, at least to my ear (which is decent) was always dead on tune. The ABAB rhyme structure appeared, but wasn’t over used, often thrown aside for the ABAC rhyme structure. Charlie really impressed me with his ability to tell the tale, yet still fit it in the boundaries of the meter, and keep it all tight. The variance in the songs was also a treat; Charlie made each one sound unique, but yet no song suffered in quality either. In all, whether its your "cup of tea" or not, the first album is wonderful, and a wonderful start for the trilogy.

Part Two
Part two, unlike part one, starts off like a “monster”! The progressively (no pun intended) building aggression that pervades the trilogy is at a medium here; on the very fine edge of reason and all out insanity. What I was most impressed with this album was the use of motifs; “The monster” kicked it off, and served as somewhat of an overture. That song, in itself was no less than “brilliant” and had me absolutely captivated with the level of musicianship and fluidity in with which it was constructed. There is NO LACK of talent here. Many of the great riffs that are woven and intertwined with one another are cut out to be put into other songs, however they seemed not blocky in the new songs, but equally as in place as there were in the monster, just extended and built upon, giving a whole new perspective. To keep this review short I will save you the fine details of the band behind Dominici; I could literally talk for pages about the work they do and why it is superior to 99.9% of albums out there. The concept was also great here, and showed some great inner conflict of the sleeper cell, and pulls at your heart strings from both the side of detective Anthony Dam, and also the sleeper. Many symbols and “treats” are able to be found within the lyrics, just as in the first album. And to top off the amazing story and awesome song writing, the sound effects really tie the story together and draw you INTO the album and the story. Charlie’s delivery on this album was also great, with a few highlights especially, but in all, this album was solid, and amazing.

Part Three
Part three was really a gem. More than an awesome way to top off the trilogy, I’d say it was the strongest album of the three. Full of aggression, and “balls”
(thanks MP for coining that term!) this album was at the TOP of metal; the epitome of prog. Much like the nuclear blast it starts off with, it’d make your eyes bleed too if you were too close to the speakers. . . seriously, this album was HEAVY. The level of musicianship was no less, and it stood out as much as part two did, the writing of Yan and Brian (and Charlie too) just blew me away with the maturity of the song structures, and the ability to be so “proggy” without sounding random. Aside from brilliant riffs and solos from the band (and trust me, brilliant, if not genius is the appropriate word), I’d say this is Charlie’s strongest album vocally. His voice ALWAYS sounded good, and nearly every song had a catchy vocal line to it, and a chorus that sticks in your head. The story also has much more action, and the music and the story just fit together so well on this album that I don’t think anyone could have pulled this album off better. Even a few songs had motifs from the last ALBUM that I picked up; that to me, is amazing considering the time taken to write between the two albums.

In all, I loved this trilogy, I’d give it an 11/10 if I could, but I can’t, so a 10/10 will have to suffice. That’s not to say this trilogy didn’t have flaws, because every now and then I picked out something that could have been done better, but the overwhelming skill and brilliance with which this trilogy was written MORE than made up for those very minor flaws, and, in all honesty, would have tipped the scales over a ten for this album. Great stuff.

So congrats Charlie, Brian, Yan, eRick, and Americo, this album was so outstanding that I’d put it up there with the greatest albums in prog; I cherish these albums greatly. Not only did they kick ass, but I am really inspired by this work, and that is probably the biggest and hardest hitting complement I can give you. I encourage EVERYONE to buy these albums. These guys are just another example of a relatively undiscovered talent, that deserve MUCH more credit and attention than they get. And trust me, if I wrote a review this long for them, they are definitely worth checking out.

Title: Re: O3 a Trilogy Review
Post by: charliedominici on March 21, 2008, 07:16:39 PM
part 3 is my favorite...."Balls and chunk"  (M.Portnoy)