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Title: What Countries have you been to Charlie?
Post by: Matt Gillis on May 15, 2008, 02:17:11 PM
In the relatively "short" time that I've known you, Charlie, I've learned that you have been all over the place: California, New York, Hungary, etc. So how many countries or "places" have you been too? Do you credit being able to travel and seeing the world as an inspiration for writing music? And in all your travels have you been relieved from what you've seen in different cultures, or did you come to realize that every culture can be depressing in it's own way?

P.S. As you've said (and as I've always agreed), you nailed it on "Greed the Evil Seed". You can trace a lot (if not all) of the world's problems back to simple greed. That statement would then lead to the thought that greed is somehow ingrained in human nature; have you seen this in various cultures, or rather, experienced this while in the presence of other cultures?