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Title: Porcupine Tree (literally)
Post by: Matt Gillis on June 04, 2008, 04:57:25 PM
So I made a new friend today  ;D

I came home today, and everything was "normal", at least until I noticed a porcupine in one of the trees in my front yard! He seemed to be having a nice little nap, and he moved lower down in the tree a few hours ago. When I approached him he acknowledged me but didn't really seem too bothered by my presense.

There was something so peaceful and tranquill (no pun intended) in my encounter with him that it moved me in a way. I thought about the experience later and thought: "It was like a. . . procupine tree". The immediate ring of it sounded like a good name for a band to me, and then about 3 seconds later I thought "damnit!" for obvious reasons  :lol

Oh well, I'm sure some other random creature will cross my path soon, and maybe it will inspire a name that isn't already taken  :d'oh:

Title: Re: Porcupine Tree (literally)
Post by: xoxoch on June 05, 2008, 12:51:51 PM
name it steven and keep it as a pet!

btw, I had similar thoughts when I went to a pub, called "the porcupine" in london...

Title: Re: Porcupine Tree (literally)
Post by: Phantasmatron on June 05, 2008, 08:40:34 PM
Nice!   :tup

tranquill (no pun intended)

Also nice!   :lol