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Title: Live CD/DVD?
Post by: Arkatox on August 11, 2010, 09:50:04 AM
Ya know, I've just recently been getting into Dominici. I've known about it for like half a year to a year, but never really looked into it that much. I once came to this site and looked around on the forum a bit (saw a thread in this subforum about some jerk asking Charlie why he hated freedom), but then I forgot about it for a while.

Yeah, so just recently I acquired the O3 Trilogy, and I was amazed. The first album was kinda plain, but it was cool and you could follow the story well. Charlie is in fact very good with the accoustic guitar and harmonica. :)

Then I got to the second and third albums, with the whole band. I'm a huge fan of Dream Theater (which is how I know about Dominici), and the albums totally reminded me of them. Really, really cool.

So yeah, I was listening to Dominici the other day, and suddenly I thought, "Wouldn't it be awesome if Dominici released a Live DVD of the entire O3 Trilogy?"

The whole first album could be redone with the band, and it would just be awesome. You could do Afterlife as an encore. It would be a really long DVD/CD, but wouldn't you agree it'd be awesome?

I'd buy it. For sure.

EDIT: Also, is there a section of the forum for introductions?

Title: Re: Live CD/DVD?
Post by: Arkatox on July 13, 2011, 09:48:35 AM
Wow, this was posted a long while back. No reply yet?