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Title: Site features to check out!
Post by: VFS on February 27, 2008, 02:33:36 PM
Welcome to the Official DOMINICI.COM Website and Forums!

There are many cool features to check out and we will attempt to list as many as possible here for you in this thread.

To avoid repetition we'd like to point you to the basic forum help file ( to begin with, which explains pretty much everything you need to know if you're brand new to forums.

Once you have signed up to be a member of our forums then you will probably want to do a bit of customization to your profile. To do this click on the "PROFILE" button near the top of the screen, under the banner. You'll find several links on the left of the screen once you're viewing your profile summary:

Account Related Settings (this is your email address and password and things of that nature)
Forum Profile Information (this is where you will do most of your customization - avatar, custom title, birthdate, signature, and other options are in here)
Look and Layout Preferences (nifty features such as "return to thread after posting", "show quick reply box", and more are in here)
Notifications and Email (this is where specify how to handle topic notifications)
Personal Message Options (you can add users to your ignorelist here, specify whether to receive notices of new messages via e-mail or popup, etc)
Edit Buddies (add or remove people from your buddy list, which shows your buddies names in bold on the forum "online users" list so that you know they're online)

Also in that top menubar are the "CALENDAR" button and the "GALLERY" button.

The calendar has holidays, forum members' birthdays (when entered in a person's profile), and events. Events can only be posted to the calendar by a DOMINICI.COM Forum Administrator and typically will be things like album releases and tour dates. Special days will also be displayed under the calendar on the main page's right-hand column as well as at the bottom of the forum index.

The gallery has photos of the band and individual members.
(to be continued)

Title: Re: Site features to check out!
Post by: VFS on March 09, 2008, 12:44:45 PM
Lets take a quick look at the top menu bar in detail!

HOME - takes you to the main page of the website, where you can listen to "March Into Hell" by DOMINICI.  :headbang

BLOG - takes you to a listing of all of our forum members' blogs here at DOMINICI.COM - assuming their blog isn't set to private (guests can't read blogs - sorry!)

FORUM - takes you to the main forum index listing.

HELP - takes you to the default forum software help page.

SEARCH - this is the forum search page. Both simple and advanced searching are available.

PROFILE - this is your awesome customizable profile section, much like MySpace! You can add a profile photo, write about yourself in your "About Me" and "My Interests" section, add buddies (assuming they approve your request, like MySpace), and even add comments to people's profiles! Your blog link is automatically included on this page and cannot be edited or removed.

MY MESSAGES - this is your Private Message (PM) area.

MY BOOKMARKS - you can bookmark your favorite threads here.

CALENDAR - the entire year at your fingertips - this has common holidays, DOMINICI - related events, and birthdays of forum members.

MEMBERS - the memberlist, searchable by several categories.

GALLERY - the DOMINICI photo gallery where you can upload your DOMINICI Live photos or browse the galleries.

LOGOUT - click here to log out.