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Title: Do YOU have DOMINICI Live photos to share?
Post by: VFS on March 07, 2008, 12:49:24 PM
I'd like to direct you all to the Gallery, which can be found in the menubar at the top of the page, between "members" and "logout" (or here ).

If everything is running smoothly, you should all have permissions set to allow you to upload photos to the gallery.

We would like to ask PLEASE only upload photos that YOU TOOK yourself in order to avoid any possible copyright issues.

Please do not use this for ANYTHING at this time but live DOMINICI photos, as we are still in the process of determining just how much of a load this entire forum will put on the server as it is.

(please note that each photo will have to be approved by one of the administrators before it appears in the Gallery listing. Should you find anything inappropriate, please report the photo or comment in question - thanks!)

Thanks, and we look forward to checking out your pics!  :metal